All of our Turkish textiles are hand-woven by the local artisans in Buldan, Turkey on looms. We believe in fair trade, so we buy directly from the artisans who make our products, and the artisans set the prices for their goods and are paid fairly for their work. We value the amount of energy and skill that goes into creating these beautiful textiles.

At Etolia, committing to ethical business practices and fair trade, we are helping to preserve the traditional methods of production that we value.

All of our products are made from 100% organically grown Turkish cotton which is known as the highest quality cotton in the world. This special cotton is extremely absorbent and dries exceptionally quickly, making our towels the perfect choice for the beach, the bathroom, the yoga studio, and the gym. The majority of our towels and blankets are dyed using 100% natural dyes.

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